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Board Of Education
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Learning Support Services
Instructional Media Center
Special Education
Student Support Services
Curriculum & Instruction
English Language Development
Assessment Division
Local Educational Agency Plan
District Assistance and Intervention Team (DAIT)
Preschool Opportunity
C&I Committee Calendar
Supplemental Educational Services/Public School Choice
DELAC Meetings Minutes 2011-2012
DELAC Meetings Minutes 2012-2013
Business Services
Child Nutrition Services
Facilities, Maintenance & Operations
Fiscal Services
Information Technology
Transportation Department
Budget Advisory Committee
Human Resources and Benefits
Classified Work Year Calendars
Renaissance Place
Superintendent of Schools Ext. 2219 Dr. Devin Vodicka, Superintendent
Learning Support Services Ext. 2214
Instructional Media Center Ext. 2987 Linda Goodballet, Librarian
Special Education Ext. 2257 Matt Doyle, Interim Executive Director
Student Support Services Ext. 2253 Steve Hargrave, Director
Curriculum & Instruction Ext. 2364 Jeanie Luckey, Assistant Superintendent
K-12 Curriculum Ext. 2332 Matt Doyle, Executive Director
K-12 Mathematics Ext. 2399 Cathy Williams, Director
K-5 Curriculum Ext. 2332 Shari Fernandez, Director
6-12 Curriculum & Staff Development Ext. 2247 Sandi Barnes, Coordinator
Curriculum & Instruction Ext. 2241 Julie Prater, Coordinator
Business Services Ext. 2222 Donna Caperton, Assistant Superintendent
Child Nutrition Services Ext. 2910 Brock Smith, Director
Facilities, Maintenance & Operations Ext. 2893 Steve Presley, Director
Fiscal Services Ext. 2240 Casi Wells, Director
Purchasing Ext. 2968 Diana Johnson, Director
Transportation Ext. 2833 Max Wheaton, Director
Information Technology Ext. 2929 DeWayne Cossey Director
Print Shop Ext. 2957 Larry Poindexter, Printing Supervisor
Human Resources    
Certificated Human Resources Ext. 2269 Myrna Vallely, Assistant Superintendent
Classified Human Resources Ext. 2293 BethAnn Arko, Director